My God Where Is Alaina Or Carolyn

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Oh my god where is Alaina or Carolyn? I cannot wait to tell them about what am I going to do today! I thought to myself. I am a 6th grader who was Cupertino Middle School, early in the morning at 7:30 waiting for one of best friend’s to come so I could tell them something exciting. I had been waiting for minutes in the sun shine with so much excitement and happiness because it was the day where I was going to do something fantastically special!
“Alaina, Alaina!” I shouted as I ran across to my friend. “Why are you so excited?” she asked. “Come to side, I will tell you.” I said. Then we walked to a corner. “What are you going to tell me?” she questioned curiously. I took a deep breath and started, “I am going to tell Evan that I like him!”
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“Come on Alaina!” I said shyly. “Come on, say more.” she hurried me to tell. I continued, “Ok, ok. After he tells me, I am just going to say, I like you and yeah!” I ended. “Oooh, sounds really good to me!” she paused. “I better go because it is awkward to be with you during private time with him.” she said. “Yeah and it is almost 8:00, he would be coming now.” I said nervously. “It’s ok and good luck.” she said while leaving. “Thanks!” I replied. “Love ya, see you later.” she shouted as she ran across the way we came from. “Love ya, too!” I shouted back. Now was time, to tell him. I was waiting for him ever since I came to school to tell him this and now the time has come. After two minutes Alaina least, I was waiting for Evan with a lot of tension and nervousness, walking back and forth. After a bit, I saw him coming and my heart was racing like crazy, like it always does when I want to talk with him. When he came, I sprinted to him, and then all the fun started. “Hey Evan.” I said. “Hey.” he replied back in a soft voice. After, I asked him if I could ask him a question, “Evan can I ask you a question?” He replied back with a “mm” and then I asked him one more time, “Can I ask I ask you a question?” again he replied with a “mm”, so I playfully punched him because he was annoying me by saying “mm” each time I wanted an answer from him and after he he chuckled.
Then I was about to start, but I thought he would lie so I took a promise from him first, “Wait, can you
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