My Good Friend Miguel Rodriguez Essay

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On November 1, 2016, I interviewed my good friend Miguel Rodriguez after eating copious amounts of “al pastor” at our favorite Taco truck. I interviewed Miguel because he is a strong individual with solid morals and a community organizer in his hometown of Ventura California. Miguel is 32 years old and is considered a non-traditional student at UCLA, we both graduated in June 2016. I am also considered a non-traditional student except I am right at the minimum of the category. Miguel’s years of hard work as a community organizer make him the ideal candidate for an interview because he delivers a unique perspective on education. Furthermore, his narrative encompasses all six forms of capital outlined in “Whose Culture has Capital” (Yosso 2005). Since Miguel and I are both non-traditional students we both do not fall into the categories established in the Latino educational pipeline (Perez-Huber, et. al. 2015). Sure, we may not have finished college in four years following high school, but we did get those degrees eventually. Furthermore, there is implicit racism in studies like the one conducted by UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC). It implies that Latinos need to be more like Whites and it makes Latinos like Miguel and I, that do not complete college in the “standard” four years, to feel ashamed of ourselves. However, I agree with most of the recommendations from that article, it is the statistics that I take offense with which hinders credibility.

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