My Grade Analysis Essay

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Maki Horihata
My Grade Analyze I transferred to San Jose State University from Berkeley City College last fall. Therefore, I have received grads only for one semester so far. As I followed the advice from the school advisor, I took four classes for the first semester in this university. Honestly, I wasn’t expected how hard it would be compare to the city college experiences because I am a full-time student without work. I am a very hard working student who keep A grades on most of class. I believed that I have enough time to study and follow four classes. I took classes, Accounting Information System, Intermediate Accounting I, Business systems and Policy, and Global Dimensions of Business. I earned three A minus and one B grades in fall 2016. My worst grade was B on Accounting Information System, Business 1 120A so far. I still remember when I took the first midterm in class. I studied very hard as always, but I received a lower score than I was expected. Then, I tried harder next time to make sure that I would get over 90%, still I didn’t have enough time to review or think deeply. English is my second language. It takes time to understand questions sometimes. This class’s exam was one of a hard one which most student don’t leave early because it takes time to complete all questions on
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Intermediate accounting class was difficult but that is my major. So, I was more into it when I studied. Business System and Policy class was more details and memorizing for exams which is my weak point. Even though I got A because there were lab scores which it helped to keep my grade better. I’ve never missed any deadlines and assignments. Last one was Global Dimensions of Business. This was quite interesting class because I am interested in other countries. We had a presentation about other countries’ business styles as a team. I usually like working as a team because I could meet new people and easier way to know
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