My Graduate Career At Mount Holyoke College

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During my undergraduate career at Mount Holyoke College, I have taken an array of courses; with topics ranging from GIS to geomorphology to a field course that involves a ten-day trip to Death Valley National Park in California. My multidisciplinary knowledge of the geosciences granted me the privilege to join a research project with a fellow student and her advisor, Professor Alan Werner. Conducted through Harvard Forest, her project assesses the change in stratigraphy within sediment cores in Marblehead, Massachusetts. I am responsible for using her previously gathered XRF-scanner data to determine the paleoclimate immediately following the glacial maximum about 14,000 years ago. I also have access to data showing the core’s magnetic susceptibility and organic matter content. Through the analysis of this data, I hope to determine the levels of chemical elements, associated with a marine setting, that are present in these sediment cores. My primary objective is to determine whether or not this area of Massachusetts is a continuation of the Presumpscot Formation in Maine. From this experience, I have gained knowledge in data analysis and how to write a scientific report describing my findings in the data and what they mean for understanding the paleoclimate of Marblehead, Massachusetts. This kind of skillset is transferrable across all scientific research, and the ability to conduct a research project specific to my interests will allow me to further develop my skills as a

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