My Graduate Degree Is Not A Simple Matter

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Completing all of your major’s requirements and achieve your undergraduate’s bachelor degree is not a simple matter. It requires a passionate heart and lots of effort in the process. In general, the university expects its graduates to have a certain kind of skill that high school or college graduates may not possess. Over 2300 graduated students have participated in a survey by AGCAS regarding university’s expectation over its graduates, and “over one third of respondents believe that the university has the main responsibility in preparing them for working life.” As an Electrical Engineering student in Seattle University, I need to develop a coherent understanding regarding three modules of Seattle University’s goals and priorities for me when I graduate, as well as their relationship to American cultural assumptions and values in order to secure my future working life and mingle with future work colleagues. Therefore, American cultural assumptions and values from American Cultural Patterns are well-reflected in Seattle University’s goals and expectations from their catalog in ‘Engaging Academic Inquiry’, ‘Exploring the Self and Others’, and last but not least, ‘Engaging the World’. Seattle University’s Catalog for Electrical Engineering Major is simply divided into three modules. The first one is ‘Engaging Academic Inquiry’. In this module, students are expected to focus more on the core academic courses and how to achieve accomplishments and maintain good grades.

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