My Grandfather And I Had For Nature

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While growing up I always had an interest for nature and farming, which has continued through my life. As a farmer, my grandfather was extremely knowledgeable about growing crops and many other natural wonders. From this I grew a love for protecting the environment and the nature around. The love my grandfather and I had for nature, majorly contrasted the idea of my grandfather using pesticides for public opinion. My grandfather worked at FS spraying pesticides and has lived on a farm since he was born. While I, on multiple occasions, learned his side of the story I still wondered if they should be used. My grandfather has continued with the tradition of using pesticides, especially because of the necessity and his belief in their capabilities. For my grandfather, he has never run into any health problems and has stayed relatively healthy all of his life. So while he has never had problems, why do so many have problems with using pesticides.
One of the big questions present in farming is what harm pesticides can do to people. Most people are told that pesticides should not be used and that they can seep into water supplies. However, when it comes to small town farming, straying from pesticides can cause crops to fail and be eaten by bugs and animals. The destruction of crops can be detrimental to the life of the farmers and cause them to lose money overall. This also causes less marketable goods available to the public. Though I have always been told pesticides are harmful,…
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