My Grandfather

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I hardly ever think about the lives my grand-parents and great-grand-parents led. Maybe this hig tech world has desensitized us to our emotions, or maybe we have lost touch with our spiritual selves. Whatever the case, it seems that in today's modern world, most people don't think or worry about people who lived in a different time than today. Why should my ancestors be of importance to me?

After thinking about this topic, I began to realize the importance of knowing more about my relatives. Sometimes a family tree is written for reasons other than just being able to trace your roots. Obviously, if it were not for my relatives I could not have existed. The gift of life is indeed a gift, a gift I believe is only given to us once. I
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Some people become popular because they are bad, others become popular because they are in the right place at the right time. My grandfather was popular because he made a difference in many people's lives. Whether it be from doing people a favor or giving them advice, he was always there for his friends and family. Someday, I hope people will see me the same way they saw him. Seeing the many people at his funeral was enough to make me wonder what kind of life he had, but all I really knew about him was from my own experience.

I used to catch the bus to my grandparents house almost everyday after school. Since they were already retired, they were the ones who took care of me after school while my parents were at work. I remember the feelings of anticipation I had while riding the bus. I couldn't wait to go to my grandparent's house. I would always walk two blocks from where the bus dropped me off and then feel a sense of relief upon arriving at the house. Memories of then strike me as odd now, for I have grown so much since I was in that routine, but the memories are still strong. I distinctly remember the small black gate and the cement walk way that leads to the steps and the front door. Upon entering the front door, how could I forget the living room? It had an early 20th century design as did most of house. The parts that were newer were added on as my grandparents had children. The house still felt like an old house to me, anyway. Anything older

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