My Grandfather : My Uncle

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When my grandfather decided to expand his sugar works a few years ago, my uncle decided he was going to help my grandfather achieve that dream. My uncle saw this as an opportunity to have a bond with his father, and to reach a goal that my grandfather always wanted to obtain again. This goal was to have his very own productive sugar works that he could live off of. While achieving this goal thus far has been successful, my uncle is having a difficult time being able to help my grandfather full-time due to an accident he encountered while cutting down trees to prepare some land for future taps. One summer morning, my Uncle Dudley was in the sugar works clearing rather larger trees with his chainsaw when he cut one in just a way that it fell on him by accident. He was pinned beneath the tree for a few hours with his leg snapped apart. As he headed up the mountain that morning, he left his phone in his truck along with the firefighting radio he almost always has for the volunteer fire department. That day my uncle thought he was going to die. Before too much time went by, he decided that he wasn’t going to allow himself to be left like that, and instead allowed the adrenaline to take its toll. Somehow, he found a way to wriggle himself out from underneath the tree, and drag himself down the mountain to the truck so that he could hopefully get to a means of communication. Not too much time went by after that until people came to the rescue. After that horrific day, Dudley was

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