My Grandfather On My Mother 's Side By Robert Milton Bartley

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On July 12, 2016, I interviewed Robert Milton Bartley, who happens to be my grandfather on my mother’s side. I asked him a number of questions about his life and some of the events that had an impact on him growing up. One event in particular that we spoke about was the American Excursion in Vietnam in 1954. Robert, was exempted from the fighting due to his involvement with a labor union. Like every interview I began by asking Robert the basic set of questions like his age, where and when he born, and basics about his family. I informed him that it was at his discretion to answer or reject any questions, but he complied happily. He is 66 years of age, and was born in Dalton, Georgia, on October 23, 1949. When questioned about his life growing up his immediate response was that he was disciplined as a child, and respect was instilled into him from an early age. He can recall being whipped with a switch when he misbehaved, and did not do as he was told by his parents. Being the eldest of four he was expected to do tasks that his younger siblings were not able to. Along with being the oldest child in his family, he had more responsibilities to take care of than his siblings. Even with how much extra work he had to do growing up, he says that he is very grateful for everything his mother and father did for him. His fondest and earliest memory is that of sitting on the front porch in his grandmother’s lap, he was two years old when she passed away. When questioned about the

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