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I want you to close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine being 19. Now imagine being pulled away from your family, your friends, and your home, and placed into hell with nothing but a gun and a prayer. You are a soldier in 1944, fighting in one of the most gruesome and pitiless wars of all time: World War II.

It is December 15, 1944. Your company of 250 men, the farthest division advanced in Germany, has just captured Kesternich. Early dawn of the very next day, the town is lit up by large klieg lights as an entire tank division comes pouring into the town. The rumble of machines shakes the ground beneath you and creates a sound so powerful that it seems as though the Earth is splitting into two.

You are in the basement of a
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You are crowded by German men with shiny boots and crop sticks and relentlessly told to sign a paper admitting to killing the German Prisoners of War. Again and again you refuse even after being threatened with the firing squad.
On February 4, 1945, an Alliance British plane known as a Pathfinder drops flares directly into the middle of the Prisoner of War camp. The impinging waves level the prison camp and destroy your solitary bunker. You crawl out and have to remind yourself to breathe as you are a witness to an inferno.

Prisoners of war of all the Allied countries are screaming out of joy, confusion, bewilderment, and some scream because it has been so long since they have had the freedom to do so. There are fires all around, and you see body parts flying through the air.

At dawn, you and the other survivors are organized by your nationality. This mostly consists of Yugoslavians, British, French, and Americans. You and the other Americans are put into a box car and shipped to Limburg.

You are still only 19. You are filthy, grossly underweight, sick, yet exhilarated beyond belief to be out of confinement. The conditions in Limberg are so different from home. There are over 500 men sleeping on the dirty floors, no water, and not a single care package is ever sent, although before going to war, you were promised to have them daily. As though all this were not

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