My Grandfather 's Life With Money And Friendship Goes Together Like Oil And Water

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My grandfather would always say, “Money and and friendship goes together like oil and water. You can’t have both, so go with money.” He followed that philosophy to the grave. Being in his 30s during the depression, my grandfather did anything he could to get back the prosperity he had before the crash. He started out the 20s with great wealth from his job on Wall Street. As 1929 came a long, all of his money was gone, leaving him dirt poor. Since he knew no other life other than money, he went into a bad mental state. He stopped caring about those around him, despite my grandmother and my father, and focused just on getting back his wealth. He turned on and used all of his friends, but he did achieve his goal. I come from a long line of wealth, a line that would have been destroyed if my grandfather never made the sacrifices he did. I just couldn’t let that go to waste. I needed to make sure that I followed the same path as my grandfather so I too can be wealthy. My story really starts in the beginning of 1983. I was very much excited about the new year. I was confident that the stock market was going to be great, and money would be rolling in. I, however, didn’t account for the new competition. There was a new guy, about twenty-five, who was just starting out. The office was raving about him as soon as he came in. They loved his charisma a new ideas from the “younger generation.” Being only thirty, I didn’t think our ideas would be that different. I mean, it’s only five

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