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Growing up my grandma was a very influential person in my life , and we were very close. I would go over to her house on friday nights for a sleepover and always beg mom to let me stay another night. We would go swimming, color, and she would teach me how to cook. Along with her other hobbies her main one was bowling , my Grandma always loved to bowl and she was on a senior bowling league . She was so strong for a 75 year old woman she bowled with a 15 pound bowling ball I couldn 't even throw. I would go with her to the bowling league sometimes and she had so many friends , Everyone loved my grandma in fact she was my dad 's mom and after my parents divorced my mom still called her everyday and had her over for family gatherings, everyone…show more content…
After a couple more months it was time for a CT scan and the cancer was no longer in remission and it had spread to her brain and liver. They treated it with chemo and radiation. During this round of treatment her sodium levels got dangerously low and she became very sick mom and I would go take care of her during the day while my aunt was at work. The oncologist said to get her to eat as much salt as possible. Mom and I would cover everything she ate in salt , and grandma did not like it at all. When we would cook for she would try to get out of bed to come in the kitchen to make sure we were doing it right , and of course we never were. After a few weeks of restricted fluids and a diet of salt she finally had to go to the hospital even though she fought it . They put her on a constant IV of sodium and she was so weak she thought we were going to lose her . One again she proved us wrong and made a huge turn around. She had her strength back and her sodium levels were back up. She returned to her bowling league every wednesday and there was no stopping her. The cancer in her brain cleared up and so did her liver. She was doing amazing . After two years of her fighting (so hard things took a turn for the worse. It happened before our eyes she was in a hospital bed in her condo and my aunt moved in with her to take care of her. She was still fighting though. It was very hard to convince her to get a

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