My Grandma

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My grandma is retired from her secretarial job. Twice a month she visits with her older sister in the country to make certain that she is being taken care of proprly. It is during these frequent trips that I realize how much she is a part of my everyday life. My grandma lives downstairs from me. From the inside of our house, there is no stairs connecting the top and bottom floors. If I want to go downstairs, I have to use the outside stairs. I wear these flat slippers that make a tapping sound when I walk on the wooden stairs and whenever it is quiet, my grandma can hear me coming and going. When I reach the bottom of the stairs on my way out, she is always standing at her door waiting for me. As we walk to my car every morning, she…show more content…
He really loves my grandma. When my boyfriend lived in his old house, he didn't have a laundry machine and dryer. I went with him to the laundromat and didn't like waiting around to use the machines or waiting for the clothes to finish, so I took his laundry home and left it by my washer, where I planned to come back and learn how use. Well, I should have known that my grandma was going to do it because she doesn't like for things to sit around undone. She folded it and everything! Anyway, she did it all the time, until he moved and bought his own washer. Now I have to do it at his house. When she noticed that I wasn't bringing over his clothes anymore, she told me some tips on how she gets his working clothes clean. I couldn't believe that she washed his clothes with so much care. My grandma just never stops giving or caring. I wish I could do something for her that would make up for all the things that she has done for me and taught me, but there is nothing as special and important that can equal it all. My grandma gave me a very belated eighteenth birthday present and graduation present combined. It was about two years late, but I never even remembered. She gave me a pair of Mikimoto pearl earrings. She told me that she wanted to buy me something special, where I remember her by. They are two beautiful, large pearls connected together by a small gold flower with a diamond inside. One pearl dangles down and I thought that this was like me hanging on to my

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