My Grandmother : A Short Story : My Grandmother

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I was walking down Morden Hall Road while the sun seemed to gleam at me. The light from the enigmatic sun reflected off a car window and to my immense surprise. I thought I saw my grandmother quarrelling animatedly with someone. A dark blue isolated cloud obscured the sun and DRIP! DROP! Large drops of rain fell on me, so I rummaged for my umbrella in my school bag. Turning around, the two people had vanished. Where was my grandma? Who was she disputing with? I was apprehensive as she was not as stable when she was younger.
Concerned, I decided to visit my grandmother. What a shock when I arrived! What did I find? The front door was open, and objects scattered along the hall as if someone had emptied their suitcase with nowhere to put …show more content…

An unusual person was standing next to my jubilant grandma. Who was it? The lady had hair that was falling to the ground like she was Rapunzel. The date was 1980 shown by the fancy writing on the top of the illuminated frame and had my grandma’s name and another name, Sasha. It was as golden as sunlight shining from the beaming sun. She had a bright pink ribbon in her flowing hair. She wore a baby blue dress covered with violet roses contrasting with the long colourful dress. My young grandma and this woman were grinning. Who was this woman?
My grandma had always had a sense of fun. She had smiling eyes and a sincere heart. She was tiny but still had a great sense of humour with her exuberant character. She was very extroverted, and I could always rely on her intelligence when needed advice. She had deep brown eyes which looked like melted brown chocolate. An extraordinary individual who knows me inside out, using her pearls of wisdom to guide me to success.
It was such a different house without my grandma, and I realised how special she was to me. Her bright smile, her tinkling laugh and her warm welcome felt very absent. There was no emotion in the house. It felt like it had been sucked out.
Usually, I am an extremely positive person, but I was getting worried. Where was she? Should I call my parents? Nevertheless, my parents would be fretful if I called them. However, what if I did not? What should I do? What had happened to my

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