My Grandmother, By Charles Merriam Webster

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According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of wisdom is the “knowledge that is gained by having many experiences in life.” Not only can wisdom be gained from a specific field of study (i.e. organic chemistry in chemistry) but also can be gained by experiencing life’s encounters. Individuals that have the most life encounters or experiences about life would be the elderly because they have lived through several different decades of drastic cultural and historical events. These different cultural and historical events have shaped their lives to become a well-rounded individual that can pass down wisdom to the younger generations to allow them to effectively live their life to the fullest. My grandmother, Ann was the individual that I had talked to about wisdom, in which her responses were interesting.

In order to live a beneficial and successful life, the one key characteristic that needs to be a part of our lives would be happiness. After talking with my grandmother about happiness and wisdom for the younger generation, the answer that I received for the question, “Are you happy?” was different from what another elderly individual would say. My grandmother stated that she was not happy because she was lonely. As my grandmother lived a hard life, she still had courage to bear through the difficult times. In reference to Powell, the lesson that I learned from my grandmother was, “Sometimes it is hard for us to admit, but through this mind-set we ourselves have shaped and

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