My Grandmother Eulogy

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“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”-Mark Twain. Death is a devastating occurrence, but you can use courage and integrity to persevere. A barrier that I faced was when my grandfather died of cancer, but I was courageous and valued integrity so I was able to persevere.
Last year my grandfather, or Papa as we called him, died of cancer. He had barely fought off the cancer cells mercilessly invading his body. Barely getting through; my grandfather should've never even survived, for doctors told us his death was probable. His lungs contained a tremendous quantity of cancer. Everyone was relieved and pleasantly surprised when he made it through chemotherapy. A jack in the box is what he was; every time we thought we had lost him, he sprang back into our lives. Unfortunately, later that year Papa, who was still weak from chemotherapy, fell off a ladder and was hospitalized. While he was in the hospital the cancer came back, this time he had brain cancer. The doctors told us that there
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She decided she couldn’t live in Florida anymore because it reminded her of him too much. Even when she moved to North Carolina sometimes she would just burst out in tears remembering something or another about him. I had to be courageous for her and could not show signs of weakness or fear. I had to remember to keep my integrity, so as to show that I wouldn’t be beaten by pain. To show that I wouldn’t just roll over and succumb to fear, or death, or sadness. Striving to be a respectful leader and contributor to my community; I kept my integrity. Luckily, I didn’t let death keep me down. Like Jackie Robinson I didn’t let any barriers get in my way, and just like Jackie I faced those barriers with courage. Furthermore, I didn’t let it affect the way I interacted with my friends and associates. Furthermore, I just kept trucking, as my grandfather would
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