My Grandmother - Original Writing

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Everyone was very patient and kind with me when I while I am mourning the loss of my mother until my Aunt Laura decided to come to town. My Aunt was older than my mother she was fifty and would never admit to being older than 45. My Aunt Laura always ignored me and almost never visited. She would acknowledge my presence or even be nice to me so it was very strange to see her here so soon before the funeral. She came in in an all-black attire. She had a black lacy dress with a black boa and a black hat with a veil. My aunt has very dark reddish brown curled hair and over caked on make up to hide her age. She hugged my maid and cried “Oh Amelia what a shame your mother has passed so young.” I looked at her with a tilted head and was like I am Amelia. She quickly came over and repeated her actions. She wiped away some imaginary tears with a laced hanker chief to make herself look dignified and told me “Well that’s enough of that, can you show me to my room?” My aunt had seemed to pack her whole house into one car. I hoped this stay was temporary but it had seemed like she had plan to stay forever. All my aunt seemed to care about was when the reading of the will would be arranged. My grief had kept me from even starting any of the funeral plans so I left it to my maid to start. My Aunt seem to laugh at my idea and insisted on arranging the will plans for tomorrow. The next day someone had come by to do the reading of the will. I stumbled out of bed indifferent for having to

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