My Grandmother - Original Writing

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Of course you always hear people talking about how great their grandmother or grandfather are, I too feel the same way about my grandmother. I see her as more than my grandmother, she’s a role mole, my best friend and also like a sister when I need her. She’s always been a loving and caring person. Not for only her friends and family, but also strangers. People she has never met a day in her life she would be willing to go give her last too. You don’t find to many people like her too often.
There have been times where she didn’t have much left for herself, but she took what she had and gave it to someone who needed it way more than she did. You can begin to see what type of person my grandmother is. She’s always smiling and happy that she got to see another day. My grandmother is the type of woman who will go out of her way to see somebody else happy. She tells me every day that the reason she does all the things she does is because she had God to thank, and I admire her for that.
My grandmother has done her share of good deeds, yet she had also done a few bad ones. In her younger days she did just about any and every thing. For example, smoking, drinking, partying and sneaking out at night. Who hasn’t tried those things? My grandmother quickly learned that, that wasn’t the lifestyle she wanted to pursue. Little did she know she had just opened up a new chapter of her life.
As my grandmother grew older and wiser, she taught me a thing or two along the way. She taught me to
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