My Grandmother Over The 1960's Era

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Based upon what I have learned after interviewing my grandmother over the 1960’s era, I came to understand what it was like for those that lived during that time. The 1960’s was a time of change. The ideas of politics, society, and overall way of life was completely transforming. The idea of revolution some would say grew as a heavy thought throughout a lot of Americans during the time especially in the younger generations. Though America was facing it conflicts in society with culture change, racism and foreign policies, the country itself was growing. The United States became a place where once ideas only mankind could only dream about were becoming real. This paving the way for America to take the roll in securing its title the greatest country on Earth. My grandmother, who lived in the Cleveland area during the 60’s explain how society itself started to change. Growing up for her she was used to listening to Broadway classical. Around the time society started to turn around, the music changed with it. This new genre “Rock” started to pop up around the country which to me personally, changed the course of music itself. Everything was linked together. When the people started to change, music started to change. When the music started to change, the idea of life started to change in the people’s perspective. This rush of being free and living free had taken over the country paving the way for what my grandmother labeled the flower power movement. In other words,…

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