My Grandmother 's Life And Life

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Kids today don’t know what it’s like to live in a time before all the new technology was being useful. While leaning about my grandmother’s life back then I was able to make a comparison between her time and mine. Today 9-13-2014 I took the time to interview my grandmother’s life. My grandmother was born on Oahu and raised up in Nalo town. The lifestyle my grandma raised up as was, she was a little town girl living in a very small apartment with 6 of her siblings including her mother and father. Her family along with her could only afford a certain amount of rent and electric so they called it the low income housing which meanly stands for people who can’t afford much but can pay what they have. The apartment they were living in had four bedrooms including two bathrooms. Yes the kitchen was connected to the living room. The bathrooms that were located in the house did not have a bathtub, but they did have an outside shower. Some of the building material weren’t as good as how they have this coming up years. Everything was mildew and old except for the furniture. They would use Koa furniture’s such as coaches and chairs. The building was an old brick wall that would keep everyone safe when storms were nearby. The community my grandma lived in was very small, and everything was very close together. By close together I mean every apartment was so close that you could hear your neighbors talk. Living in the community there was mostly Hawaiians. It did not affect other
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