My Grandpa To Remember : A Grandpa To Remember

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A Grandpa To Remember Grandparents want to see their grandchildren succeed in life and in their school and in their sports. Many Grandparents like to visit their grandchildren and watch them play the sports that they are in, and they also want to see them do good in school. My Grandpa loved to watch me play basketball when I was younger, he loved to watch me doing what I love. My grandpa also was a really easy person to talk to. He was one for me that I could talk to about anything, and I knew that he would understand. He was a person that I could easily relate to when I was younger and a person I looked up to and wanted to be just like when I got older. These stories that I am going to talk are about how he taught me to have fun with the ones you love, to be teachable, and to spend time with people you love before they are gone.
When I was younger, I could always remember when my Grandpa would tease me and take my blanket from me. I remember always laughing when he did, and saying something like “ hey that’s not nice give that back” in a joking way. When he took my blanket from me he would always say stuff like “ oh no who has your blanket, where did it go” and I would respond and say something like “ hey I can see it it’s right behind your back” and then giggle. Another thing he would do would be too grab me and not let me go until I said “uncle” and while he was holding me he would tickle me, and I was very ticklish when I was younger. The most common joke he would play

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