My Grandpam My Grandma Is A Hero In My Life

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In my life so far there has been one person that always supported my decisions; been warm while the world was cold,and loving till I thought there was no love left. My grandma has been a hero in disguise for as long as I can remember. Her creativity Inspires me, and her ability to teach others makes me feel proud to call her my grandma. Since I was little, my grandma would babysit my sister and I almost every weekend, making us food, playing board games, and watching movies. Spending so much time with my grandma gave her plenty of opportunities to influence us and help us when we needed it the most. We never thought of how lucky we were to have this figure in our lives, and how much she impacted our futures. Creativity has been a big part of my family. Coming from a family of musicians, craft fair workers, authors, and painters brings art to a whole new level. My grandma and I always had an art form at all times; whether it was drawing or listening to music, it was always present. From a young age I was taught some of my grandma’s old hobbies like, basket weaving and sewing. I still remember making my first pillow and not being able to reach the pedal to turn the sewing machine on. I remember my grandma saying with a laugh, “I’ll get it.” She held the pedal as finished sewing my heart covered masterpiece. Even though at the moment I did not think it was a big deal, but no I see it helped develop one of my hobbies. Which is upcycling. My first basket was more of a

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