My Grandpam My Personal Beliefs Of My Grandmother

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I dedicate much of my personality and perception on life to my grandmother. She has been a profound influence throughout my life. I have grown as a person from what I’ve experienced and seen from her. From her powerful beliefs and unconditional love, to her unbelievable generosity, my grandma has guided me through life. There are many influential people in my life, but I believe my grandmother is one of the largest in molding my personality and growth. She has always been a positive influence on me, showing me right and wrong, building my character, and has offered me many opportunities to learn from her teaching and to learn from the mistakes she’s made in her life.
The personal beliefs of my grandmother has helped me shape my own. She expresses her opinion rawly and freely, without a filter. For her, what is right and wrong is very black and white, and many times through my life I’ve seen that. In the summers I would spend a large amount of time at my grandmother’s house. More often than not that meant a lot of time with my cousins and siblings. Fights followed closely when my family and I were forced into close quarters. Although many altercations stayed verbal they would always end in tears, and not always our own. Lectures were a very big part of the teaching I received from my grandmother, they never failed to be raw and powerful. She never screamed or raised her voice at my cousins and me, but that only made her words that much more surreal. She would sit us down and

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