My Grandparent 's House Is Not A Safe Haven

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Every person is in need of a home. It is a place that feels natural and welcoming. It instills a sense of belonging. A home doesn’t have to be a specific dwelling, for it has many different definitions and meanings for each individual. What is universal is the feelings one receives when they are in their home. It is a place that protects them from the struggles and obstacles that life inevitably thrusts onto people. It is a safe haven. For me this particular feeling is bestowed upon me every time I step foot into my grandparent’s house. My grandparent’s house is my home and it will forever fill me with the unconditional love, happiness and security that my family has given my entire life. My heart is there.

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We both drown our fish with Texas Pete every time we eat this flavorful meal. Scientists say smell is the sense that is most associated sense with memory. Every time I smell fried catfish, I know it will take me home.

Although food isn’t the only treasure my home provides me. Home is bathing in the elegant marble bathtub with its endless overflowing bubbles. This exquisite tub I named “Ol’ Reliable.” Ol’ Reliable is an XL power jet tub, equipped with gold colored faucet and golden feet. It is made out of a silky marble finish that was fit for royalty. Naturally I thought it was the types of bathtubs in Buckingham Palace and so I felt like the queen herself when I used it. It even had a tempur-pedic pillow for your head, which in the eyes of an eight-year-old is the most innovative invention ever seen. Along the edges of the bathtub is shelving for the soaps and other bathing needs. “Bomba” has an infinite amount of bath beads, shampoos, loofahs and even exotic tools such as foot scrubbers with matching foot soap. Of course as a child I’d apply basically everything on my head and throw it into the bathtub. Once I had every bath accessory at my disposal and a silky pair of my grandmother’s pajamas to put on after, I would be finally ready to add the bubbles. I remember every time when my grandmother was filling up Ol’ Reliable, she’d say, “Only put in two squirts of bubble bath, remember what happened last time…” Well every time I

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