My Great Aunt Grew Up From An Era

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My Great Aunt grew up in an era where women could not be whatever they wanted. They had to stay home, take care of children, and clean house; it was their duty. When she rebelled against this and majored in science, something thought to be solely for men, she was harassed daily in an attempt to get her to drop out or switch to something “more appropriate for a woman.” While she would be working in the laboratory, men from other departments walked in and ripped open her lab coat to see her breasts. Then they would remind her that they were the reason she did not belong there; they said that her body was meant for having babies- not conducting experiments. It was nearly an everyday battle to do what she loved with all the humiliation and degradation she experienced. Her own husband thought it was an embarrassment to have his wife working outside of the home. She was forced to walk a block from the facility just to be picked up since he did not want to be seen picking up a woman from work. When I hear her talk about it, I cannot believe what all she had to go through. If somebody experienced that in a workplace nowadays, there would be a complete uproar. Most of us could not even imagine it the status of women being like they were then with the shift in attention towards gender equality, otherwise known as feminism. With this recent surge in support towards the feminist movement, international policy makers profess they have taken considerable actions; nonetheless, no
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