My Great Grandfather

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My great-grandfathers name is Jack Milton Tracy. He was born July 18, 1935 in Michigan. I do not know very much more than that, because he never talked about his childhood. I do know that he had three older sisters and his mom died while giving birth to him. His dad was in the military, and moved around a lot with the four kids. From the time my great-grandpa was six to the time his dad died when he was eleven, his dad was physically abusive towards him. When his dad did die, he lived with his eldest sister, who was around twenty years old, in Gallup until he was eighteen years old and enlisted in the Air Force. At eighteen, he stood around six feet tall and a hundred sixty-five pounds. He had green eyes and his brown hair was short. In high school, he met my great-grandma. She always told me that he would make fun of her, but they ended up falling in love and getting married. They married when she was 18, and they moved all over the US throughout the year and ended up in France. My great-grandma had a baby in 1957, but when their daughter was only two months old she died suddenly due to SIDS. The loss of their first daughter was understandably traumatic for both of them; a short time later, they moved back to the United States and settled in California for a few years. My grandma, aunt, and uncle were born during this time. He also got a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering during this time. When the United States got involved with the Vietnam War, my
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