My Great Sacrifice When My Husband was Deployed Essay

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Until I felt the effects of sacrifice last year, I never knew what strength truly meant. At the time strength did not seem possible during my husband‘s year long deployment. A favorite quote of mine by an unknown author matched my situation. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” During this year long sacrifice, I found strength not only in myself but also from the love between me and my husband.
Deployment is a word that all military spouses and military families dread to hear. When my husband came home to our barely moved in house with news of his deployment to Afghanistan, I was devastated. Though we received terrible news, we also felt incredible joy that same week. I was pregnant with our
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My heart ached like I was hit with a ton of bricks. The white busses were lined up and it was time to say goodbye. I did not want to take the time we had left for granted. Our hug seemed like it lasted for an eternity; each time we would let go we would grab each other once more for another strong embrace. Wiping away my tears, my husband made a promise to me and our unborn son that he would stay safe and would come home soon. He told me this was not a goodbye but only an “I will see you soon.” His ever so caring smile calmed me and I was able to let him go.
On December 5th 2012 our son was born. We were so grateful for the time my husband was able to come home for our son’s birth. Not many other soldiers have that opportunity. We were able to spend ten days as a family, but it just meant we had to say goodbye again. For some reason, our second goodbye was not as difficult as our first. I knew I had to be strong for my husband and our son.
Every day we looked forward to my husband’s homecoming. I kept a countdown on the white board hanging on the fridge. It was another day down and another day being reunited again. As that written number lessened, I became more anxious for his homecoming. Three hundred sixty five days later, my husband arrived safely on US ground. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I felt both nervous and excited at the same time. My family was finally reunited. Our missing puzzle piece was finally home. All the
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