My Greatest Memory Of Sports

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The Shot When asked what their greatest memory in sports would be, most athletes would tell their story of a game winning shot or a touchdown that won their team the game. My greatest memory in sports isn’t so glamorous. I did not have that moment of fame or a play that involved me leading my team to a victory. My greatest memory occurred during my fourth grade year in pee wee basketball. All through elementary school, I played basketball. I was not very good, yet I played solely for the fact that I enjoyed it. I had a dream to be the best basketball player to ever step foot on our court. There was just one problem with that dream and that was my size. Throughout my life, I have always been on the hefty side. In the fourth grade, I stood at about four feet and one inch and weighed nearly 140 pounds. I had played basketball my third grade year but never got any playing time. I sat on the bench throughout every single game. It was definitely very disheartening for a nine year old boy who just wanted to have fun. Yet, no matter how discouraged I became, I still went to every single practice and every single game. The day that we played Plainview was the day that had a great influence on my life. My team and I arrived at Plainview’s gymnasium. We took our bags to the locker room and changed into our uniforms. I pulled the number fourteen jersey over my white t-shirt. Due to the fact that I was much larger than the average fourth grader, the pee wee team did not have shorts

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