My Group Consumer Marketing Is The Most Inventive Or Innovative Thing You 've Done?

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Writeup By Sharanjeet Kaur

. What is the most inventive or innovative thing you’ve done? It doesn’t have to be something that’s patented. It could be a process change, product idea, a new metric or customer facing interface – something that was your idea. It cannot be anything your current or previous employer would deem confidential information. Please provide us with context to understand the invention/innovation. What problem were you seeking to solve? Why was it important? What was the result? Why or how did it make a difference and change things? Time Inc. Retail henceforth referred as TWR is Time Inc.’s central retail organization, providing integrated sales, distribution and marketing solutions in support of Time Inc.
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To achieve the report level security, we developed a Java EE portal that rendered list of reports based on the profile of logged in user. Java EE web app interfaced to multi reporting tools to execute reports developed in Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Reporter, Cognos, Splus etc. technology stack, nevertheless BI platform architecture was not robust enough to meet security requirements. In order to comply with the regulations and guidelines set by data vendors and to provide restricted data access to clients for their respective brands, developers had to replicate set of reports for each client and queries within the reports were altered to filter the data for brands owned by the client. Evidently, current process was inefficient and led to maintenance overhead to support the redundant code. Second, a consortium of wholesalers named Magnet, was a key driver in providing sales and marketing data for the publishing industry, and therefore was a key driver for BI platform, made business model changes with the commencement of paid subscription model that offered clients to subscribe to the sales data for any competing brands. A critical requirement stemmed to architect robust and secured BI platform to comply with Magnet business model which was apparently going to benefit not only Magnet but TWR and its clients.
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