My Group Created A Retelling Of Othello

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My group created a retelling of Othello in a modern-day college setting. Before we started to film, I met with the group after school for all of the brainstorming meetings except for one, since I had to take a mock AP test. During the meetings, we went over possible settings and ideas for the film. We played around with a few ideas, and even started to film one. The day that the group met to film the prototype idea, I was not present. The idea didn’t work, so we ended up scrapping it and choosing a new setting altogether. We knew that we’d need at least a week to film everything, so Sophie and I ended up typing a completely new script without talking over all of the specifics with our group. That week, we started filming, while also making…show more content…
In the original play, both Desdemona and Emilia don’t do much compared to Othello and Iago, but since the majority of the characters in our film are female, the power struggle between genders isn’t as apparent. Because of this, however, females are given more opportunities to have a say in the action. In Othello, Othello is the only black character, but in our film the only important white character is Deborah. Though unintentional, it shows how Deborah cannot do anything, even though she is the privileged race. Even though Deb only talks to Iris a few times, she seems to genuinely trusted her, which shows the general consensus on Iris’ personality as well as reinforcing Deb’s “feminine” and simple personality. As mentioned above, our new setting was in a college, and we used TU’s campus to film. Though none of the people in our group are in college, we’ve heard all the rumors. The drama! The backstabbing! The secrets! It was the perfect place to host a remake of a Shakespeare play, and having a theatre club was just a bonus. The modern setting of our film contrasts nicely with the olden war-time of Othello while still retaining many of the same ideas and concepts. I’ve already mentioned why we chose a college setting, but another reason why it works well is because it fits the characters. Though technically adults, they overreact to small provocations, and
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