My Group Presentation, We Chose The Business Hooters

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In my group presentation, we chose the business Hooters. I Personally have never been to Hooters before. But I have learned a lot of good qualities about this company. Most people when they think of Hooters they think of the girls. Some people don 't like the idea of the Hooter girls and some people are biased about it. Waitresses dress unique with a tight white tank top with their logo and tight orange spandex shorts. Causing many people to refuse the eat at Hooters cause of the “sex appeal” look they broadcast. Personally, if they are not getting disrespected I see nothing wrong with the Hooter girls. Hooters is another kind of sports bar/family restaurant. As they do target male clientele mostly because of the costume they do wear.…show more content…
Through the years, Hooters has raised and donated over 4 million dollars between the two foundations. Although it doesn’t end there, Hooters Community Endowment Fund also raises money for many other foundations, like the Make-A-Wish foundation, U.S.O, the Special Olympics, American Diabetes Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation & the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Hooters decided to widen their horizons and 12-time NASCAR Cup Series champions Hendrick Motorsports by becoming a sponsor for the driver Chase Elliott and the No. 24 Chevrolet SS team beginning in 2017. Hooters will be a two-race primary sponsor and a full-season associate sponsor for the years 2017 and 2018. “The Hooters Chevrolet SS will debut May 7 at Talladega Superspeedway and appear again during the Chase for the NASCAR Cup Nov. 12 at Phoenix International Raceway.” (prg 2) Twenty-five years ago hooters sponsored Alan Kulwicki, winning two races and narrowly edged Elliots father by 10 points causing him to win the title, so they are excited to sponsor another amazing racer. “As the official headquarters of race day, we’re proud that so many NASCAR fans choose to watch the races at Hooters every week while enjoying their favorite wings, ice cold beer, and one-of-a-kind Hooters Girl hospitality” (prg 4). Just like any other organizations hooters also has a SWOT analysis. Doing a swot analysis you have to start with the letter S. Letter S

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