My Growth And Development At King University

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My Growth and Development at King University
Quinton Elder
King University

My Growth and Development at King University

In April 1866, the Holston Presbytery assembled at the Old Pleasant Grove Church in Bristol, Tenn. to establish a Christian College (King University, 2015). It was built on land donated by Reverend James King, and in his honor, King University was founded (King University, 2015). King University’s establishment and history have led me to a greater appreciation for its systems and the University’s values. My experience at King University has been built and maintained on numerous levels. My educational, professional, and personal world has undergone a positive transformation due to my educational
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They are models of what inspiration in the Christian community look like. The inspiring aspects of the Christian cultures will help in my ability to lead others in an influential and positive manner; Christ would be the motivation within. The instructors are very attentive when it comes to professional and personal development. I am intrigued by the fact that I always feel a sense of comfort in reaching out to them on all levels. I have found that the University’s stance is that of tremendous leadership and great faith in its representation of cultural and Christian teachings. The Christian culture is presented and incorporated in all assignments it seems. There is always a lesson in how to lead and what culture looks like in its differences and likes. I will be a transformer of my culture as I take the values of my culture and faith and continue to build on its foundation. I will conduct myself in a manner of making my words align with my actions. I will be a leader to my community and those around me. I will prioritize my faith and my family and operate in ways of strength and a representation of the composition of a Christian life. I will also understand my culture as it relates to others and their culture. There are many angels when it comes to culture and how to properly address it.
Culture is a broad spectrum that travels deep within a person’s
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