My Guatemala Vacation Essay

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We walk out of the airport and stop, frozen in sheer amazement at the picturesque view of Bermuda. This sheer amazement occurs when one is so astonished at what his eyes lay upon that his body forgets all functions, as if each muscle and organ is in envy of what the eyes are rewarded with. (Definition) As if on cue, the aroma of peppers comes upon us as we look upon the clear, turquoise water waving back and forth in front of us between the immaculate palm trees swaying in the light breeze. We follow our taxi driver to his car and enter, only to hear music that would never be played in America. It sounds like an upbeat Caribbean or Jamaican tune, which clearly represents the mood of everyone who lives in Bermuda, and soon us as well. This drive to the resort is one of the most exquisite 15 minute journeys I will ever undergo, and I already know that this trip will be an unforgettable experience.
Bermuda is one of the most interesting trips one could go on, and it could be proven in just 15 minutes. As the driver casually drove on the extremely tight roads, there was much to be seen. Beautiful resorts
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There are so many islands that I wondered why this one was the one we chose. Sometimes I would think that it is a waste of time to go to Bermuda when we could go to Atlantis in the Bahamas (since people know it as a “paradise” island). However, going there and experiencing such an environment is a whole different story. This goes for everything in life, something or someone should never be excluded just from an idea or face impression. Many do this every day but do not realize it. It occurs subconsciously and it needs to be made conscious to fix. In this case the issue is not the worst in the slightest as it could be far worse. I did realize however that I made conclusions far too quickly, since I traveled to Bermuda and was so shocked, for it was nothing I could
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