My Guide to Attracting Guys

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There are different ways of showcasing your personality and appearance to achieve more attention from guys. It can prove to be quite difficult at times if you’re not sure how to be seen around them. By following my guide on ‘how to attract guys’ you will be a couple steps closer to finding your dream guy.

There are certain ways you can portray your personality aimed at a guy; they are most likely to notice a girl that loves who she is, who is confident, bold and is not afraid to joke around and make him laugh. Smiling to show that you’re having a good time, keeping eye contact with him so that he knows he’s got your undivided attention and do not forget to laugh at his jokes; this is a big one, even if they are not funny. If you don’t laugh it can lead to a really awkward situation and so can putting on a ridiculous laugh, he might no longer think you are interested. Make sure you keep the conversation going, ask questions, talk about yourself, school, family, hobbies, but try not to get too personal. Make sure that you don’t talk too much and overload him with information, give him a chance to get a few words in and answer rather than leaving him sitting there listening to you blabber on.

Your Hygiene, guys don’t want to be spending a night with a girl that looks and smells bad. Make sure you are showering regularly, at least once a day. Washing thoroughly from head to toe may even include some…
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