My Hair Dyed For Summer Break-Personal Narrative

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When I first saw him I’m I didn’t know how far, how escalated, how hard I’d fall for him. I was in The hair salon getting my hair dyed for summer break. I was getting blue tips on my blond hair. The hair woman got about halfway done putting the dye in when he walked in. You're all properly thinking how do I know it's the same guy, I would end up falling for. well while I was getting my hair done, I was a talking to my best friend Anna. We do this thing that every time we see a cute boy we take a picture of them. So naturally thinking he was cute, I took a pic and sent it to her. The next week I left for vacation. By the time the next school year came I had nearly forgot about him. On the first day of school, I had no thought of meeting him or seeing him. First hour had started. I had a couple of friends in the class. Second hour came and I had no friends in that class. Although in third hour I noticed him. It was him. He had sat on the other site of the classroom, but that was ok. It just made it easier to look at him. But like not in a weird way.…show more content…
When we got back from the weekend on the third week of school, we had a new seat chart in my second and third hour class. In the second hour I ended up sitting in a group with two smart and non talking boys. Being like that, but a girl getting in trouble for talking wasn't a big problem for us. Except the teacher had put another boy who didn't know how to shut up in the same group with us. Is name was Aiden. Then in third hour I sat in a group with a somewhat emo girl named Christina. Then guess how else sat with me. AIDEN Aiden sat by me not only in second hour did I have to sit next to him I had to sit by him in third hour
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