My Happy Life

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Growing up, I had a happy life. I had two of the most loving parents in the world. My mom was the best mom in the world to me. She was so loving, always taking me on adventures to places, and spoiling me with anything that I wanted. My dad was like my best friend; I guess you could say I was a daddy’s girl. He always took me outside in our big back yard to play ball and even set up a swing set for the both of us to swing on in the cool evenings. For 16 years of my life, I was able to enjoy a happy home. Unfortunately, my perfect childhood turned into dreadful teenage years in the blink of my eye. I heard my mother talking on the phone with someone. I was not sure who it was or what they were talking about, but I noticed a concerned tone in my mom’s voice. As I sat there, hiding behind a wall in the hallway, beginning to hear my mother cry, so many things went running through my mind. I was not sure if I should ask my mother if she was okay, but I knew that I needed to. I waited to see if she noticed me. I got nervous, but I asked her, “What happened?”. She did not want to say what it was. That is when my heart sank into my stomach. I kept thinking to myself, “Did something happen to my dad?”. My mom grabbed her car keys and told me that we were going for a drive. As we sat in the car, it was so silent. The type of silence that can cut the air like a knife. Still thinking to myself, my mom said to me, “There is nothing to worry about.” I did not believe her. I noticed

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