My Happy Time In My Life

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As I walked up the stairs, my nose was flooded with an aroma of fresh paint, wood chips, liquid makeup, and dusty props. I could feel the energy of the room buzzing with excitement, ambition, and a common mindset to make this the best performance yet. I was in my happy place for the second time in my life. I was on the stage. The string of rehearsals and performances that followed lead me to fall in love with performing.
I was seven years old, and I was performing in “The Wizard of Oz.” On the first day of rehearsal, we gathered around the director awaiting information about the show. The excitement among us was electric. We learned the show would have a hint of 80’s in every scene we were a part of. We were given the opportunity to create our own costumes, and I rocked fishnets, crop tops, and elaborate hair, complete with crazy makeup. I was a Cindy Lopper inspired munchkin. It was the epitome of 80’s fashion meets the early 2000’s, a seven year old punk. Later, in the show I was a resident of Oz. I wore green, green, and more green as part of Oz’s magnificent choir. e didn’t become amazing overnight; however, we practiced daily. For a seven year old it was tiresome, butluckily, for me I was gradually developing a deep connection with the performing arts.
Rehearsals rotated between singing, staging, set designing, and acting instruction. In the meantime, we chattered, laughed, learned, and developed addictions to performing. In addition to the technical skills I gained
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