My Hawaii Place

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As everyone grows up and learn new things. They also travel and get to see new places. There are different places that people admire, whether it is close or far. My favorite place that i've been to is the big island of hawaii. Although I don't go to hawaii that often ,it is still a special place to me . The first and obvious reason why the Big island of hawaii is my favorite place is because its far away from the mainland. The other 49 states are both unique and interesting in their own way.However on the east coast, life can be stressful and busy. In places like NYC and philly drivers always needs to be somewhere and can't relax or take their time. Not to mention its heavily populated. What makes Hawaii different from mainland america is that it's far away on an island with not that many people. The big island of hawaii especially has fewer people and they are all native to the island. Hawaii was a whole different culture and life from The states.…show more content…
As we make our way to the front of the hotel my mother goes to the tour guide,
“I'm so sorry we're late , we just got here last night and still feel jet lagged”. The guy was playing the guitar and singing and looks at my mom and smiles.
“Don't you worry mam , here in hawaii we go wherever the wave takes us. My mom was confused what he meant by the comment and i told her that he means there is not rush in hawaii. When we got into the tour bus and driving around. Our tour guide would pull over or slow down whenever he recognized anyone he would open the window and say good morning and the people would wav and say good morning back.
As we were going on the tour bus there was a girl who would say to her mom,
“Mommy i think im getting hunary”. The tour guide soon turned his head around quick as a road runner and said to the
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