My Health Problem For The Self-Health Promotion Project

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My health problem for the self-health promotion project was being overweight and choosing to lose excess pounds of fat from my body. At the start of the project I held a weight of 155 pounds and measured at a waist circumference of 38 inches. My goal was to lose six pounds and lose 3 inches off my waist. I chose to lose six pounds because the personal trainers at the recreational center at Georgia State University advised me to lose one to two pounds per week and no more because it would be a healthier and sustainable goal. I additionally decided to lose 3 inches of fat from my waist because the personal trainers at GSU informed that a healthy woman’s waist circumference should be no more than 35 inches. Unfortunately, though, I did not…show more content…
I also had decided to prepare and cook all my meals, to not buy food outside of my home, and to limit myself in buying packaged or canned food in order to monitor the freshness, salt concentration, and cooking oil type that was used to prepare my meals. Although this was my healthy eating plan, I was not able to follow it through entirely. Keeping a daily notebook and recording everything helped immensely, yet there were eight days where I ate more than 1,400 calories and ate at least one snack or meal with processed, sugary or refined grains, such as lasagna, chocolate-chip cookies, buttered popcorn, sandwiches on white bread, and French fries. The main issues for me on these days were either that I was craving salty or sugary foods, out with my friends or family members at parties or get-togethers, or busy with school work. Inadequate amount of time and willpower were my resistance factors in those moments, and so I gave into temptation and ate poorly. On each of these days I had bought food outside of my home because I felt that there was not enough time for me to prepare my own food or sometimes I had no food at the house to use to cook up a meal. In addition to that, there were four other days where I bought canned food because I was exceedingly ill and had little to no energy to cook. I ate the proper amount of calories, but the canned
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