My Heart - Original Writing

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Tricia swung the door open amid this cliffhanger and I begged for more information. As it happened, Tricia had moved our friends to the other side of the bar to leave the two of us alone, while still maintaining a clear view of our the drama unfolding between myself and Mr. Wonderful. Love was in the air and it was hijacking my soul. My heart had become its own planet spinning on its axis too fast for me to feel my the floor below me and I still don’t know how I kept my balance, especially to the point of dancing the night away with the girls, as Mr. Wonderful watched. Something was missing; since moving back to Southern California every attempt made to court me had made me literally sick to my stomach. There was a strong sensation in my…show more content…
Knowing he saw this outing as a date, I attempted to get to know him while letting him pursue me. I told him I was under the influence of aliens, not just the drinks he bought for me. I notice a young woman with her jacket tied to her waist. There was a bright yellow design on the jacket appearing on her behind. I mentioned the apparition to Mr.Wonderful and insisted that he look at her butt. He refused, and this was curious. I persisted until he said, “I am here with you, I am not going to look at another woman.” His words seared into my heart like a flame igniting a rapid pace and blood flow that surged through my entire body. Despite this magical feeling, I was determined not to get swept away and over a cliff. I took "selfies" and sent them to Finesse since she couldn’t be there with all of us. I took a photo of me and Mr. Wonderful. The expression on his face, the childlike hope on Christmas morning, spoke volumes. I kicked off one of my Birkenstocks so I could show him that even my feet had wrinkles of age. He stroked the back of my calf while looking not at my foot but into my eyes. This was the moment, in unison with many moments, I was sure my body and my heart were in full agreement. This was also the time of the night, that I was certain he was touching me not by accident- Galaxy was not on my lap and Mr. Wonderful had not consumed any alcohol. The veil had
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