My Hero: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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A hero is somebody who commits an act of remarkably bravery or who has shown an admirable quality such as great courage or strength of character. (Encarta, 2009) Joseph Campbell has come up with eight of his own characteristics of a hero. Joseph Campbell is known as a scholar of mythology. There are several people in our times that are considered a hero. Whether, these heroes are fictional or nonfiction, they all portray some kind of heroic abilities. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one the most heroic figures of our time. According to Joseph Campbell's characteristics Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has a characteristic of a hero such as, a hero is usually someone from whom something has been taken or who feels there's something lacking…show more content…
He didn't feel that the separation amongst black and white folks was a normal action. Joseph Campbell mentions another characteristic of a hero, which is a hero undergoes trials and tests to see if he or she has the courage, the knowledge and capacity to survive. (The Power of Myth, 1998) Dr. Martin Luther King knew that his life was at a high risk of being killed. He knew that many people viewed his opinions as wrong and bias. In return, the officers in this time, would take water hose, point them toward African Americans and it pushed them into the wall so hard. People died from this type of action that occurred. Dr. King still strived to make this country as equal as possible. Dr. King had a strong desire to help young black women, men and children be able to associate themselves with young white, women, men and children. Dr. King led marches, made speeches, attend churches which eventually led to his death. He was assassinated on a balcony on the second floor of a motel. The bullet when through his fast and his shoulder. He knew what the outcome might be and still set out to fight for equal rights and freedom. Dr. Martin Luther King definitely gave his life to something bigger, which is known as our Lord and Savior. He has played a good role down on earth and then walked through heavens gates. He went out of his way for his family and the rest of the world to

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