My Hero Is My Grandfather

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A hero is not just a character with superpowers who is dressed in a mask and cape, but someone that others can look up to; someone that makes you want to become a better person. My hero is my grandfather, Gerald “Fuzzy” Fendrick. My Pop-Pop Fuzzy is my hero, because he is a hard worker who perseveres through adversity, he has a passion for all life has to offer, and he loves his family. My pop-pop has a heart like no other and refuses to let life get in the way of him doing the things he loves most. As a boy raised in Brooklyn by immigrants, my grandfather learned the importance of hard work and perseverance. This work ethic brought him onto the baseball diamond with his hero, Jackie Robinson, after being offered a contract by the…show more content…
In fact, when my grandfather helped Nana Gail write a six-word essay it read, “I wouldn’t change a thing.” He has taught me that when life hands you a curve ball, you have to hit it out of the park and just keep running. My grandfather has a passion for all life has to offer and truly to lives his life to the fullest. When he is into something he is all in. At 85 years old he still goes to the gym daily, sings in a choir, attends seminars on pediatrics, plays piano, and never misses a sports game, whether it is the Eagles, Phillies, or Duke basketball. His relationship with Coach K at Duke is a perfect example of being all in. Pop Pop would write Coach K about some of his patients who were good prospects for Duke, as well as local high school players that would impress him. Over the years, they became pen pals, and Coach K hosted Pop Pop and some of my cousins for games down in North Carolina. And don’t get me started on wine. Pop Pop loves to drink and learn about wine. In fact, when I was a baby and living in California, my parents took me up to Napa to meet him for a wine tasting weekend. While most 85 year olds just want to sit around and relax, my grandfather wants to soak up everything life has to offer. I couldn't write about my Pop Pop without highlighting his love of family. I’ve written about his love of sports, medicine, music, and wine, but that all pales in comparison to

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