Essay on My Hero, My Grandpa

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My Hero, My Grandpa

I have so many memories of my hero, my grandpa, but a few stick out in my mind. Ever since I can remember, my grandpa always wore the slippers. He wore shoes too, but at the Sunday dinners at my grandparent?s house, he always wore those slippers. I could hear him as he gently shuffled his way across the hardwood floor and came out of the kitchen to give us all hugs and kisses. The suede slippers were the color of coffee with a dash of cream to lighten them up. On the inside, wool spilled out as if it were trying to escape the slipper. This wool was a slightly lighter tint than the outside. He had to buy the slippers three sizes too large so that he could pad them with socks to make extra cushioning for his
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He had a soft side as well, that shined through whenever his grandkids or great-grandkids walked through his door. When I would go stay the weekend with my grandparents, I would always have trouble falling asleep because I wasn?t in my own bed. My grandpa would sit on the bed next to me and tell me to close, my eyes. He would tell me to imagine anything that made my heart happy. Then, he would gently graze his thumbs across my eyelids as if he was glazing a porcelain doll. I remember feeling the cracks in the skin of his thumbs, but they felt like silk at the same time. He would repeat this until I fell asleep. It worked every time.

My grandpa was full of wisdom and always expressing that knowledge whenever possible. He instilled in us the importance of family and what it meant to take care of one another. He also taught us the importance of education. He had a way of helping and giving us advise that made life a little easier. He would always say, ?Use your head for something other than a hat-rack!? That line will stick in my mind forever.

This past Christmas day, the phone rang while my brother and I were tearing open presents with my mom and step-dad. My mom happily answered and within a few seconds, we knew something terrible had happened for her voice and tone completely changed. We all paused and listened to my mom repeat the word ?no? over and over again. My brother and I looked at

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