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My Hero

Lou Gehrig is by far my favorite hero both on and off the baseball field. He not only was a great baseball player for the New York Yankees, but a family man who fought a terrible disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis more commonly known as ALS. Even though he lost his life to this terrible disease, he did so with honor. He tried never to show fear of what he was going through rather he showed honesty and compassion to others. He was as strong a man as the trophy for the World Series winning team. He let the world know that even if you are having physical problems, you can still make a difference.
As a huge Yankees fan, and someone who holds Lou Gehrig as one of the most influencing baseball players, I like this opportunity to honor him as my hero. I have often watched an old video of the message he delivered at Yankee Stadium at such a hard and difficult moment in his life. The sky weeped as Lou Gehrig stood in front of his fans that loved him and delivered a speech as if they were his family. It caused such a buzz with his fans. I don’t think Lou Gehrig ever meant for his farewell speech to make such a huge impact in the fan’s lives, as it did. He let such beautiful pearls of wisdom slip from his mouth without even knowing. My dad said it was suppose to be his response to his retirement from baseball, but it ended up being a powerful motivational speech about appreciation of life. He simply loved baseball, his family, and fans.
As a baseball player, he is admired by many people both young and old for his perseverance. Based on his statistics, I was impressed. He never was bragging about his statistics, just how much he loved the game. His Hall of Fame status as a first baseman with the New York Yankees was amazing. He hit the ball with a whack! This led him to 475 career home runs and held the streak for the most consecutive games played. These are proof as to how much he loved the game. Even during his speech, he began to cry hard because he was thanking the fans for watching him play and cheering him on. He spoke mostly about being grateful. Lou Gehrig played 2,130 consecutive games before he deliver his short speech where he said "I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth" even though

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