My Heroes : My Hero In My Life

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Ever heard of heroes who save the day by saving a hundred people from a burning building, or someone who dedicates their time and money by serving the Puerto Rican families affected by hurricane Maria like José Andreas. There are many ordinary people who do ordinary things but impact others significantly. One of those ordinary people whose actions are overlooked is my sister. My hero is my hardworking older sister, Larissa. What makes her my hero is her definition of success.
My sister Larissa tells I should quit work and dedicated all my time to school and extracurricular activities. She has always been pushing me to do well in school, I think it was because of her decision to drop out of college when she was younger. Right now, she a single mother of three kids, and wishes she had a college degree. She dropped out during her second year of college because her kids needed her. Now, they are all in school and Larissa has nothing to consume her time with.
"Larissa," my mom said, emphasizing the 'r' in her name. We were sitting in the living room drinking Somali Tea. "Have you thought of going back to school? I heard nursing degrees earn you sixty grand starting pay" she said.
"I have mom it's just that... I can't just go back now because my kids need me to spend time with them." Larissa said, starring deep into her tea. She seemed conflicted, probably because she had a thousand things to worry about
"You’re very smart, just imagine how much your life could change." my mom
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