My Hero's Journey To The Underworld

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There once was a horse named Dino. He lived in greece. His mother and father noticed that when he was born he was to small for a baby so they named him Dino.Why is because Dino means “little sword”. He was very tiny for his age and got picked on by his horse friends. Even the MOUSE picked on him. So one day he decided that he had had enough. He galloped right up to Maia ,the god of growth, and said he said “ I am sick and tired of being picked on” he said furiously…. “So may you make me grow?” He asked. “well little colt I can do that ,buuuut only on 1 condition. You have to trap the minotaur, tame the Sphinx to obey me and bring Cerberus to the underworld so hades can have nothing to prevent the dead from leaving the underworld. She gives

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