My Hero's Life

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I once read a quote by William Wallace that said “Every man dies, but not every man lives.”. At that moment I didn’t understand the meaning of it but as time passed I was able to interpret what William Wallace meant. We are all going to die one day whether it be today, tomorrow, or a month from now. What counts is what you leave in this world for others to live by. What I’ve learn from my uncle who is no longer here is that you should always be positive even when times get rough.

As a child I was always active, curious and most of all loving. My family always called me sunshine because I brought light and excitement to people’s life, but to my uncle Ramon I wasn’t just his sunshine I was the world to him. Even though I wasn’t his first niece to him it felt like I was the first and only child introduced to him. Everyone said he fell in love with me the first day he saw me. That’s why we had that connection between us. I remember him always being by my side as I grew up, I could say he was a father figure I needed in my life.
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My brain hadn’t fully developed and my head wasn’t shaped the way it should have been. I had to stay in the hospital a little longer. I remember my grandmother telling me that my uncle offered to watch over me day and night while my mom recovered. After about a month my mom was able to bring me home, but things didn’t get any better. As I was growing up I had all kinds of infections: ear, throat, etc., but my uncle was always there to take me to the
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