My Hidden Quality Is That I Enjoy Taking Care Of Newborns, Toddlers Or Elderlies

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Elvira Heidinger My hidden quality is that I enjoy taking care of newborns, toddlers or elderlies. Usually, I am a very introverted person and I need a long time to open up to people, but it is different if I am with somebody who needs the help. I have a very good connection to them right from the beginning. Taking care of newborns is something I really enjoy. It is my passion to prepare homemade babyfood and to try to stimulate their senses as much as I can in that early stage of their life. However, I also like to spend time with toddleres. I like to plan activities for them and give the opportunites to learn in a playful way. Children learn every day and it is important to me to give them as much possibilities to learn about the world as possible. It is very easy for me to explain things in their level of communication, and I enjoy to see things from their perspective. I read a lot of lecture about different children pedagogics and it is very fascinating to me how important the first years of life are. If my friends would know about my hidden qualities it could enhance, but also damage the relationship with them. A lot of my friends have already children, who are in a young age. It would defentliy enhance the relationship to them, due to the fact that they would know that I am their if they need a babysitter. I also would be able to give them many ideas about what to do with children when they stuck at home because of bad weather or how to handly bad situations. But I
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