My High School Experience

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Students who are becoming freshmen often ask “what’s it like to be in high school?” High school is not what you think. Freshmen don’t get pushed in lockers, there's not that one popular girl who shoves other students books out of their hands, and the cafeteria is not the most embarrassing place to be. High school is not an amicable. If you really think high school is a amicable place where students smile at each other, think again. Here is some advice from my high school experience. First, having a good friend that will listen to your worries. You will eventually realize that having a friend keeps your anxiety concealed. To start off my freshman year, I got into a physical altercation and I lost. Losing a fight is the most ignominious thing in high school history. I got teased for that ignorant fight my entire freshman year, however, I had this one friend who always defended me whenever a crude student gossiped about it. She always made me feel relaxed and she never criticized me for being myself. Whenever I felt discouraged or miserable, she would give me speeches about how amazing I am and I shouldn’t ever feel insecure. One day, I came into gym class crying like I had lost a family member, but the real reason was my anxiety. I felt like I was that one isolated girl that didn’t have any friends to tell my personal problems to and I didn’t have friends I could go to the movies with or have sleepovers. I felt so discouraged with school and I slacked because of my
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