My High School Of Business Administration

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Throughout my entire high school life I have always chosen different career choices. At a time I wanted to be a lawyer, physical therapist, pharmacist, and an athletic trainer. I didn’t choose any of them either because it too many years in school to complete or centered on a subject that wasn’t my strong suit. I chose to major in Business Administration with a concentration in finances because I always imaged myself in an office setting holding a high position especially as a young women. Once I graduate from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration I plan to continue and earn my Master’s degree. From the research I did most jobs don’t require a Master’s degree in order to earn a high pay but I’ll…show more content…
The kind of jobs that are available in government Account Manager, Administration Service Management, Bill & Account Creditor, Brokerage Clerk, Human Resources Specialist Clerk and Manger, Investment Broker, Project Manager, Financial Manager and Analyst, and Budget Analyst. When selecting a job there are certain requirements that it must meet. The annual salary must range from $70,000- $121,000 a year, health benefits, retirement funding, paid vacation days. My hometown Orlando, Florida is a moderate paced city and I know there wouldn’t be that many job opportunities there for me that fits what I am searching for in my career placing. I will apply for positions such as Financial Analyst or Finance Manager in places such as New York, Miami. I prefer to work and live in a metropolitan area. A Financial Analyst is responsible for the financial planning, the analysis, and projection for companies and corporations. They will forecast revenues and expenditures to establish cost structures and determine capital budgeting for projects. Finance Managers are responsible for documenting system of accounting policies and procedures, oversee the operations of treasury department, and forecasting available funds for investments. When I began searching for job positions for financial
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